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FBI Questions Drilling Activists in Texas

Photos and story by ANDREW MCLEMORE

Kessler: “I thought they were going to invade my house.”

North Texas environmental activists frequently feel as though local officials ignore their protests against gas drilling, but it turns out it’s easy enough to get the federal government’s attention — if the FBI thinks you might be planning eco-terrorism. Continue reading

FBI Visiting Activists Regarding Fracking, Questioning Colleagues, Friends & Family

UNT professor, student questioned by FBI Regarding Fracking

From the NT Daily Justin Bright / Staff Writer

An FBI agent and a Dallas police officer spoke last month with philosophy and religion professor Adam Briggle about specific materials in a syllabus for one of his courses on civil disobedience.

Law enforcement officials brought up an article in his curriculum that supports “monkeywrenching,” an act of sabotaging equipment performed by activists to stop projects they deem damaging to the environment.

Briggle believed the FBI agent and officer were only seeking information.

Photo by Stephanie Mulcihy – Philosophy professor Adam Briggle was recently questioned by the FBI regarding course material in his syllabus. The controversial reading material in question was Dave Foreman’s “Strategic Monkeywrenching” article, shown in the syllabus above. Continue reading